Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs

Mobile Marketing is a booming industry right now and that is only expected to grow exponentially in the future. As with any newly developing market, the jobs that are required to carry out the tasks do not yet exist or need to be tweaked from previously existing positions. People will need to either move from related positions into the new jobs or become educated and trained from the ground up to fill these spots. As the marketplace continues to develop, more people will be necessary to fill various strategic and creative positions. Some of these jobs will be more necessary than others and will become high demand positions subject to a healthy dose of competition between firms to retain the best and the brightest. The following four positions are jobs that are emerging in the new mobile marketing landscape and will become regular positions in many organizations in the near future.

What Are The Types Of Mobile Marketing Jobs

1. Mobile Marketing Strategist

A Mobile Marketing Strategist is the person that makes the key tactical decisions in the mobile marketing campaign. Essentially, the project manager, the person in this position will need to have a great deal of knowledge about the marketplace and mobile marketing strategy and implementation. This person doesn’t just make recommendation for strategy, they need to have the expertise to make recommendations and guide the client on decisions throughout the entire process. This includes guiding them towards the best application development and vendor engagement options for their campaign. In addition, a position like this will require strong market research skills and the ability to digest large amount of industry and market data into actionable recommendations and best practices. The Mobile Marketing Strategist position is a very demanding position that calls for a high level of expertise. Despite the pressure a position like this will cause, the rewards are also just a high.

2. Mobile Application Developer

A Mobile Application Developer is the person that creates the applications for the mobile platform on which the campaign will be deployed. There are two basic types of mobile application development, so a developer should be familiar with one or both of the processes. The first is taking existing applications, for example web applications for use on a computer through the internet, and converting that application into one that can be used through a mobile phone. The conversion process is not as easy as it might initially sound and requires multiple techniques to accomplish. A new user interface must be designed and implemented, though the back end processes may stay very similar. The second is to develop an entirely new mobile application for use with the mobile marketing campaign or advertising effort. A new mobile application will be required for each new platform that the application will be deployed on, such as the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The developer must be skilled in several programming languages, specifically Java, HTML, Flash, and the C programming languages are the most effective and in demand when developing applications for mobile marketing campaigns on hand-held devices.

3. Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager position can vary from organization to organization. In general, this is the person that will be managing the day-to-day operations of the mobile marketing campaign. While the strategist devises the overall plan and methods of conducting the campaign, the social media manager will be in charge of ensuring those instructions are followed through. Another aspect of the Social Media Manager in some organizations will be to manage the social aspects of the mobile web properties. Mobile campaigns are increasingly becoming two-way streets, with consumers sending information back to the company as well as the company sending advertisements and information to the consumer. In addition, mobile campaigns lend themselves to social interaction and this must be managed to make sure that the interactions stay in line with the vision and intent of the campaign and are not derailed.

4. Media Buyer

One of the main ways of conducting a mobile campaign is by purchasing advertising on an already existing mobile advertising network. Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have developed their own advertising networks and this composes a considerable part of their income. Making keyword purchase decisions can be a critical choice when developing a mobile marketing campaign, as the keywords should be relevant and engaging to the consumer. In addition, the ads should be placed in the network with relevant content to the target audience to increase their engagement with the campaign. This responsibility lies with the media buyer.

The jobs will be on the cutting edge of emerging mobile marketing jobs and will become commonplace in organizations trying to develop or maintain a mobile presence. Statistics show that more people own mobile devices than credit cards. It is only a matter of time before all businesses large and small realize that they will need to develop a presence on the mobile web and start hiring for these positions. Right now the mobile marketing field is wide open with no one company claiming dominance. As the field becomes more developed then it will be more difficult to move into these positions as the requirements will be higher than ever. Now is the time to develop the ability and knowledge to compete in the emerging mobile marketing job market.

Marketing Employment – How Not to Do Well in Marketing Jobs

A well achieved marketing career may be your dream option if you have a general knack in marketing or you have a college degree in that. But a lot of people find it extremely difficult to get its proper outlet and realize their full potential. This is mainly due to the reason that they don’t know the right procedure for a guaranteed marketing success. The general problems may be listed as:

1. Marketing Careers and jobs associated with it often fails to enrich some people in the marketing employment because they simply lack what it takes to be in the field. As a result they fail to leave a mark because they don’t really know what they should not do when it comes to marketing and sales.

2. Marketing is taken lightly often and thought of an utterly creative field of work which is downright untrue. Marketing jobs require extensive hard work and dedication to the product and the company it belongs to.

3. Some people lack the correct communication skills which reflect adversely on the performance in their marketing area. Without the right set of communication skills you will not be able to reach out to the customers to excite them about the product you are marketing.

4. A major drawback in some people is they in spite of being good speakers fail miserably as listeners. You have to be receptive to what your consumer base has to say about your product and their need. Feedback is always necessary and a part of the whole marketing process.

5. If you have a fairly short temper you should stay away from this field. Marketing requires extensive patience and you might not be well suited in this profession.

6. Knowledge and information about the industry is highly essential for marketing approach. Marketing employment opportunities are all over the internet and newspaper. Make use of that while you are at it. Gather as much information as you can. Showing neglect will only result in delay of the jumpstart that you need.

7. You need to know the head and tail of the marketing trends in the industry and have every bit of information at your disposal. You must know your product in every detail possible, must be able to answer what your consumer has to ask in the most reasonable way possible.

8. You should be confident about your product. Lacking that, you probably will fail to influence your customers and you might be failing in several marketing campaigns. Without the correct approach and confidence in that approach it will all be in vain.

9. You must be acquainted with the marketing cycle, the demographic trends of the area you are assigned, the needs and habits of your customer base and their age group for correctly assessing the marketing strategy for your product. For this some opt for specialized marketing research employment scheme just for study and research of the area concerned. There are several marketing employment agencies that might be interested once you get to prove yourself what you are capable of.

To sum it up, you must be confident, hard working, polite and persevering in the cat and mouse world of marketing. Not having any of these might have catastrophic results in your career so be wise when you choose your field.

Social Marketing Jobs

Social marketing jobs have become more popular in recent years. The popularity of social media web sites have caused businesses to include jobs in social media marketing. Traditionally, jobs in marketing focused on print, television, and radio ads. Marketing professionals used these mediums to influence the buying behavior of targeted markets.

Corporations are discovering that social marketing is less costly and quite effective. People tend to buy products based on recommendations from friends and family. There is a trust factor that plays heavily into the buying behavior of consumers, so marketing professionals can target the captive audience on the internet.

Studies show that people are spending more time online than ever. There are billions of users on the internet, and this number continues to grow every day, so the potential market is enormous. In addition, many forums are developing around certain interests, so this leads to a captive audience that is interested in certain activities and products. This is the perfect environment for a marketer. Jobs in marketing depend upon the professionals being able to reach and influence their target audience. The internet has made this easier in some ways.

Social marketing also includes brand and reputation management. A company must pay close attention to what consumers are saying about their products and services. One person having a negative experience can negatively affect the public perception of a product or service; thus, social media professionals have a duty to effectively manage the brand of their clients.

Also, social marketing provides an environment where consumers can communicate with companies. This communication line opens up a direct method of active dialogue. Customers can critique products and services, and the corporation can use this market research to improve their products and services.

For example, one company recently changed their logo. Consumers were vehemently opposed to the change, and ultimately, the company changed back to the old logo. Customers were very unhappy with the change, and this company realized that they should have done more market research before making a change of this nature.

This type of social interaction between consumers and companies is important. The internet is a excellent way to exchange large amounts of information immediately. Information can reach people around the world within a few seconds. This type of marketing is cost efficient, and marketers are able to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. They can see the direct effect that a social marketing campaign has on the sales of a product or service. Also, a campaign can be adjusted quickly if it is not effective.